Frequently Asked Questions

Its essential that you possess a sailing license , with you . A statement from a sailing school , will do , but if you plan to sail again in Greece , its advised to have a proper license , with you . We can advice you how to do that in Corfu , combining your sailing holidays as well .

Make sure you bring , light clothes for the day and long sleeve , shirts and blouses for the night .It becomes , chilly , not to mention , the low temperatures during the squalls . Bring something , water – proof , and light shoes . Don’t overload your luggage , too much cause the space in the boat is not unlimited.

Organizing your provisions , before you start your , trip its relatively easy . There is a super market inside the marina and outside the marina , a bigger one . On Sundays , the one that is inside the marina is open . If you arrive late or on Sunday , you can always send us your provision list and arrange it so it can be on board before you come .

We accept all major credit cards like Visa , Mastercard . Preferably not debit cards .